The Beauty of Traditional Windows

Sash windows originated in the 17th Century and have since enhanced the beauty of buildings for hundreds of years.

The slim sightlines and large areas of glass add a timeless grace, while the vertical sliding operation means even when open they do not detract from the facade as casements often do. Their beauty does not reduce their functionality as they offer superb controllable ventilation, better than almost any other window style

PVCu Windows Work & Last

If you are replacing old timber sash windows, these exceptionally high quality PVCu windows are a real revelation! The latest engineering technology ensures a smooth sliding operation and eliminates problems with rattles or sticking sashes. Combined with precision manufacturing draughts are eliminated. PVCu needs no painting and very little time-consuming maintenance. Our windows comply with, and often exceed, the most stringent building regulations, security standards and quality accreditations.

Full Sash Window

Beautifully designed and highly durable sculptured PVCu profiles create an authentic and long-lasting appearance.

The deep outer frame holds two independent glazed sashes which slide up and down in the traditional manner. Modern sash windows work effortlessly using concealed spring balances and will stay safely open in any position.

Occasional cleaning with warm soapy water and ensuring the balance channels are kept free from debris is all modern PVCu sash windows should ever need to keep them in great working condition.

Specially designed modern spring balances replace the heavy counterweights of old-fashioned sash windows. They will last at least 25 years and have been independently tested to well over 20,000 operations. Each balance is carefully made to the weight of the window to ensure a smooth easy sliding operation.

All our sash windows are fully sealed around the frame and double sealed on each sliding sash, efficiently combating draughts and providing excellent weather resistance.

Our windows are carefully checked throughout manufacture. Our reputation rests upon providing reliable, high quality products and we confidently provide a 10 year guarantee. This reassurance for our customers is backed up by the independent testing results and accreditations achieved, such as BS Kitemarks, Secured By Design and BBA Certification.

You may like to choose this option so that both sashes tilt inwards to allow easy cleaning of the outside glass from inside the room. This is ideal for upstairs windows and is sometimes required by building regulations.

We offer a choice of handles in a range of coloured finishes. Our standard fittings are safe and secure but we also offer an upgrade to the Police Accredited ‘Secured by Design’ specification, which can help reduce insurance premiums!

Primarily used for child safety, restrictors can be specified to temporarily but securely limit the opening of your sash windows. Factory set to give 100mm opening on either sash.

A special, continuous horn option that closely matches a timber sash horn detail is available throughout our range of sash windows.

Recent Sash Window Replacement and Installation in London, Kingston, Putney & Surrey

Glazing Options

Sash Window Glazing options

Your windows will be supplied fitted with your choice of glass, including obscure and decorative glazing patterns if required. Leaded, bevelled, coloured or any kind of specialist glass is no problem for us either.

Our windows are glazed with the best Planitherm Total + lowemissivity glass which provides excellent thermal efficiency. Building regulations require a Window Energy Rating ‘C’ as rated by the British Fenestration Ratings Council. However, all of our windows are ‘A’-rated as STANDARD.

Toughened glass is extra strong, shattering into small pellets for safety. It should be specified for a window position where there is any risk that people may accidentally fall against it. We also offer laminated glazing for increased security (required in some windows to achieve full ‘Secured by Design’ specification) as well as improving the acoustic insulation properties of your new windows. Other specialist glazing is available on request.

All our sash windows can be made with decorative ‘glazed in’ Georgian bars inside the double-glazed units, in a choice of widths and colours. For true period appearance they can also have surface mounted, authentic ‘Astragal’ Georgian bars, available in a range of widths and styles.

Typically sash windows are split in half so this is our standard configuration although other transom splits can be made. Coupled windows can be produced for bigger openings if needed.

Sash Window Specialist Options

Sash Window Specialist in Kingston

We offer a unique solution for fire egress. We can manufacture sash windows that not only slide up and down but also hinge inwards like a door for emergency exit purposes. This is compliant with UK Building Regulations Document B.

As a true sash window specialist we can usually replicate any existing window design. We can easily manufacture windows with curved, pointed or arched heads – typically the top sash must be fixed but a slide and/or tilt operation is usually possible on the bottom sash.

We offer solutions for almost any angle of bay window. We use both fixed and variable-angle bay posts to strengthen and support your bay, combined with decorative PVCu trims to provide an aesthetically pleasing and weatherproof finish.

White windows fit well in most properties but there are plenty more options for you to consider. We offer a range of beautiful natural-looking woodgrain effects and a choice of attractive textured finishes in an almost unlimited choice of colours. You can also choose dual colour (different inside and outside) or painted finishes which allow you to match existing décor or create an exciting new look for your home.

Typically sash windows are split in half so this is our standard configuration although other transom splits can be made. Coupled windows can be produced for bigger openings if needed.

Ten year guarantee on our sash windows

Our sash windows come with a 10-year guarantee. This gives you the peace of mind that in the unlikely event something should go wrong with your windows, you can get them fixed quickly and conveniently at no cost to you.

British Board of Agrément certificates

Our sash windows have been rigorously and independently tested for weathering, security and general operation to ensure they are ‘fit for purpose’ and have a minimum estimated lifespan of 25 years.

Sash Windows that can be Secured by Design

This is the police accreditation for products to enhance security in your home – our sash windows can be manufactured to these exacting specifications.

Energy Saving Trust recommended

Our range of sash windows are all Energy Saving Trust recommended products, although the higher the rating the more energy you will save!

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