Timber French Patio DoorOur range of inward and outward opening timber french patio doors have been developed for security, performance and durability.

Over the past decade there has been significant development in patio door equipment, providing improvements to operation, draught sealing and aesthetics.

We are now able to provide almost any style of french door and frame configuration, allowing you the freedom to design your own or match an existing style.

You can choose from a range of fittings, glazing units, insulated timber panels and a wide range of profile options.

Our made to measure wooden patio doors can also be matched into our casement window range allowing them to be seamlessly coupled.

We have such a wide range of design options, including frame profiles, glazing bars and frame features that you may want to contact us to discuss you exact requirements.

Timber patio doors with piece of mind

patio-doors-guaranteeAll Warmlite timber patio front door installations are covered by our 10 year guarantee.

This gives you the peace of mind that in the unlikely event something should go wrong with your wooden patio doors, you can get them fixed quickly and conveniently at no cost to you.

The guarantee covers material defects in profile materials, panels and glass units. In the very rare event that a problem develops with your timber patio door during the ten year period, Warmlite will simply replace the affected product.

Warmlite use certified Redwood Woodheart® as standard for our timber flush casement windows. We also have a range of hardwoods and Accoya modified timber to choose from.

Redwood WoodHeart®

Heartwood timber

As standard all our frames and window sashes are manufactured from Redwood WoodHeart®, the heartwood taken from Nordic Scots pine trees (see diagram). By utilising this heartwood, we get very good durability and dimensional stability, as well as very good thermal performance.

The reduced moisture uptake and increased stability of the timber produces a substrate which enhances the coating life span (this is key to a long life window because if the coating remains intact the window will last indefinitely).

In addition it is engineered to be knot free, which along with the aesthetic effect, also prevents resin exudation, which will damage the coating.

The cill on sliding sash windows and the cill extensions on all products (if required) are, due to increased exposure to weathering (both water and UV light), manufactured from FSC sourced hardwood.

Other Timber casement windows Options include:

It is possible to supply our products complete in Redwood WoodHeart® (usually only if a transparent finish is required) and in addition the following four timber options.

Red Grandis

Provides a stable and durable substrate and is supplied as a three ply laminated material for extra stability.

Available in long, clear lengths making it highly suitable for stain finishes where no finger joints are preferred.

European Oak

In the past, high quality windows have been made from European Oak due to its durability. However, it has a tendency to move which can cause failure of the coating system and the insulating glass units. To overcome these problems we use knot free laminated European Oak which has FSC Chain of Custody.


Accoya is an exceptionally stable modified timber and has the highest durability rating. It provides the ultimate substrate for our coating system allowing us to give a coatings warranty of up to 12 years.
Accoya also comes with FSC Chain of Custody.


Sapele is a very stable and durable tropical hardwood that is very well suited to joinery manufacture. It’s dark and dense characteristics make it a very attractive timber, well suited to a transparent coating. We source this with FSC certification to ensure it is from sustainable, certified sources.

Our advanced coating system has been developed to provide maximum protection to the timber, whilst allowing it to breathe and let its natural characteristics show through.

This allows us to give a 10 year guarantee on paint finish.

The coating system is vitally important for the longevity of timber windows and doors. It essentially serves three purposes; to prevent UV and visible light damage to the timber surface, to slow down the rate at which moisture is absorbed and released from the timber and to provide an attractive colouring and surface finish to the product.

Opaque Paint for our wooden patio doors

Warmlite can provide almost any opaque colour, all we require is a RAL Standard, RAL Design, Natural Colour System (NCS) or British Standard (BS 4800) colour or an actual sample.

Translucent Paint for our Timber Patio Doors

Warmlite can provide almost any translucent colour, all we require is a RAL Standard, RAL Design, Natural Colour System (NCS) or British Standard (BS 4800) colour or an actual sample.

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